Episode 1: Burtrum Cattle, LLC.

Follow Kinzie Burtrum, one of five girls in a blended family and the next generation of Burtrum Cattle in Stillwater, Oklahoma, as she navigates the family business and the next steps in her life. 

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Episode 2: caney creek ranch

Visit Caney Creek Ranch in East Central Texas where Kimberly Ratcliff draws on her experience working at a financial firm in New York City and looks for new technologies to help her family‚Äôs ranch be more sustainable for the future. 

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Episode 3: May ranch

When a fire changes everything: Before April of 2022, the May family in southeastern Colorado was best known for their conservation efforts and having a colony of endangered black-footed ferrets released on their ranch. That all changed in one day when a wildfire tore across the ranch, burning more than 9,000 acres and threatening their cattle and the wildlife that called the ranch home. See how the May family has been able to rebuild after the wildfire and how their focus on conservation before, and after, the fire has played a key role.  

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